Reviews of Moral Geography

Moral Geography provides a much better guidebook to the region and its religion, and DeRogatis never lets us get lost, taking us along a scholarly path that seems both familiar and fresh at the same time.

(Gregory Nobles Journal of American History)

Interesting and innovative… Most readers of Moral Geography will appreciate DeRogatis’s attempt to ‘read’ material sources in seeking to understand the landscape of the Western Reserve.

(Lydia Huffman Hoyle Regster of the Kentucky Historical Society)

…the brief narrative here does little justice to the nuanced deconstruction of maps, letters, biography, and travel literature that comprises the heart of DeRogatis’s work. From close readings of these texts she has skillfully teased out a language in her sources…

(William H. Bergmann, University of Cincinnati Ohio History)

Moral Geography does a great service by introducing those who felt the tension between new and old orders.

(Kathleen Flake Journal of Religion 1900-01-00)

Amy DeRogatis’ sketch of moral geography on the American frontier has opened up a rich and fertile vein of scholarship.

(David N. Livingstone Books & Culture)

Innovative new study of the religious settlement of Connecticut’s “Western Reserve.”… A model of interdisciplinary scholarship, and her new study will enjoy wide readership.

(Douglas L. Winiarski Religious Studies Review)

There is much to recommend in this innovative and important study. DeRogatis overturns our understanding of the spatial organization, from personal to regional scales, of the post-Revolutionary American frontier. She makes a significant contribution to the on-going critical reevaluation of maps and map making, tearing down still further the false divide between graphic and literary maps. And, she reveals a new dimension to the complex historical construct that is ‘New England.’ Moral Geography is profitable reading for geographers, historians, and literary scholars, as well as students of religion and American studies.

(Matthew Edney, professor of geography, University of Southern Maine)